Review : Sierra Nevada Beer Camp Across the World 2017

By Herr Mike

It’s time again to take another tasty trip to “Beer Camp“. This time Sierra Nevada teamed up with 12 breweries to brew 12 different beers! Half of the collaborations are from the United States and the other half from breweries from around the rest of the world.

I must say overall I enjoyed each one of these collab brews so I listed them in alphabetical order and wrote my thoughts on each beer. If you click on the name of each beer you can see my complete review and rating for them.

If you’re like me and like to try a variety of different collaboration brews I would suggest picking this 12 pack up ASAP before they are gone.

Feel free to comment on any beer and give me your opinion about it. Whether we agree or not (That’s the nice thing about beer, everyone has an opinion)

So until next year’s “Beer Camp’ (If there is one), enjoy. PROST!!

Sierra Nevada – Fullers  Atlantic-Style Vintage Ale
Not a bad beer but very fruity for the style. This beer needed more of the earthy characteristics of a classic strong ale.





Sierra Nevada – Garage Project Campout Porter
A little on the sweet side for the style but I’m OK with that. This would make a nice campfire brew, maybe with a nice cigar.





Sierra Nevada – Avery Dry-Hopped Barleywine-Style Ale
If Bigfoot and Hog Heaven did the nasty, this would be their offspring. This is an aggressively hopped American Barleywine.




Sierra Nevada – Duvel Moortgat Hoppy Belgian-Style Golden
Duvel and Sierra Nevada brew some the tastiest beers so with those two forces joined together comes one fantastic beer.




Sierra Nevada – Saint Arnold Dry-Hopped Berliner-Style Weisse
I’m not a fan of the style and really don’t drink many of them but I guess it’s good for the style. Not my favorite from the BC box but if you like the style go for it.




Sierra Nevada – Ayinger Beer Camp Dunkle Weisse
Ayinger is the master of these types of beers so Sierra Nevada couldn’t go wrong with a team up on a brew like this.





Sierra Nevada – Tree House Brewing East Meets West IPA
This is an awesome IPA. As of the time I write this review I can’t get Tree House in my area so this is the closest I can get to drinking their beers and I was impressed.





Sierra Nevada – Surly Brewing Ginger Lager
I’m not a huge Lager drinker but this was good. I just wish the ginger and pepper were turned down a notch.





Sierra Nevada – The Bruery Raspberry Sundae Ale
I like ice cream sundaes but I don’t eat them at all anymore but this beer definitely satisfies my sweet tooth. Well done.





Sierra Nevada – Mikkeller Thai-Style Iced Tea
I love iced tea but I don’t like licorice but this beer had nice balance. The tea was there from start to finish and the star anise wasn’t overpowering. This one worked for me.




Sierra Nevada – Boneyard Beer West Coast DIPA
Another great beer from the Beer Camp box and a good example of a West Coast DIPA.






Sierra Nevada – Kiuchi Brewery White IPA With Yuzu
This beer was weird at first but grew on me the more I drank it. Belgian funk, fruity and spicy.





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